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  • Ramsha Mar 20, 2017
    MBC tree drama 'Missing Nine' OST Sound source is open today at 12 o'clock!   March 13, 2017 Chen, Cain, composed of 26 songs including three songs participated in punch! The hit composer Kenji and the string arranger or the work of the drama music director direct debut! The OST of the last MBC drama 'Missing Nine' (play Sungwoo Won / directed by Choi Byung-gil / produced SM C & C) will be released today. 'Missing Nine' OST will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Ginny and Naver Music at 12 o'clock today. It is said that I'm Not Okay, Kiss or Kill ', and' When my loneliness calls you ', a total of 26 songs, including 23 BGM songs, A good response is expected. In particular, this OST is the first drama OST which is produced by producer Kenzie who created many hit songs with trendy and diverse genres of music, and a string arranger or work that published the largest number of orchestral arrangements in Korea. Composes and plays the entire BGM in the drama, and has completed a well-m
  • shuffle.shuffle.pengu Mar 18, 2017
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