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  • Katheleen Patijaya 8 hours ago
    Hope they came to Indonesia
  • Bianca Louise Lumico 20 hours ago
    Please comeback to Philippines! Love You!
  • Putri May 19, 2017
    I hope Exo come to Indonesia again.
  • Judith Lilián Ramírez Morales May 18, 2017
    The EXO Planert #3 in Mexico was the best experience in my life, I never forget it... EXO members was pretty lovely, warm and friendly, they did their best and we could enjoy it together as one. Me and my sister have a lot of memories about this day, We hope to be together again in the future with other EXO Planet #4. XOXO yosmeri chavez barron, tu fuiste la chica del celular?? digo la que le avento el celular a Kai??? woww yo habría hecho lo mismo por tener una foto de cualquiera de ellos.
  • Shaira May 16, 2017
    exo saranghaja
  • kristianty May 15, 2017
    엑소 사랑하자... Hwaiting😘😍😍
  • NhimNgoc May 11, 2017
    나는 베트남 우리에게 너희들을 기원합니다! EXO 우리는 하나인가!
  • anggi anggreni May 09, 2017
    .Indonesia fanss love Exo, when you come to Indonesia???
  • Chanyeol Park May 07, 2017
    ~ love love ~
  • Zaeh Jihan May 06, 2017
    Please Come to Indonesia
  • Nurul Pyromaniacs May 03, 2017
    Aaaa💕 Omonaa my Exo please come to ICE Indonesia again😂😂
  • Herondale May 03, 2017
    EXO in Mexico was beautiful, thanks. I love u, guys. Mexico loves u. We want to see u again, please.
  • Débora May 03, 2017
    Brazil is waiting for EXO
  • akayi zaw May 03, 2017
    Welcome to myanmar Wating may 6
  • Naty Lunal May 03, 2017
    We hope to see EXO again in México !!! Thanks for everything!!! they are incredible!! WE LOVE!!!!
  • Naty Lunal May 03, 2017
    I'm so happy!!! I'm Mexican EXO-L!! I love the EXO'rDIUM!!!Mexico waits for EXO again !!! Thank you!!
  • Ximena May 03, 2017
    Thanks for comming to Mexico. We wait for you soon!
  • Lara May 02, 2017
    Arab exols are waiting for exo hope exo will Côme to some arab cities à lot of arab exols are waiting for that please
  • RaewynT May 02, 2017
    Come on over to Australia lol
  • Paula May 02, 2017
    I hope you come to Brazil 💚💛💚
  • yosmeri chavez barron May 02, 2017
    amo a exo .. mas que a mi celular jejeje !!! .. fue genial saber que venian a mexico .. los vamos a extrañar mucho.. pero seguiremos apoyandolos como hasta ahora !!!
  • Utsukushi emma May 02, 2017
    Arab exols are waiting for exo hope exo will Côme to some arab cities like marrakesh à lot of arab exols are waiting for that plzzzzz
  • Utsukushi emma May 02, 2017
    Exo alaways slaying plzzzzz sm let exo come to some arab countries like morocco exo have a lot of arab fans arab exols are waiting WE are waiting for the chance to meet exo plzzz
  • Noviola Nur Ramadhani Putri Diningtyas May 02, 2017
    i wish u tour concert in indonesia again
  • Lê Hà Ly May 02, 2017
    Exo saranghaja😍😍😍😍😍
  • Lisa May 01, 2017
    Good job EXO & SM💖💖💖 Hope you will consider coming to European cities as well... there are thousands of Exo-L here^^ We would love to go to your wonderful concert👑
  • hafsa May 01, 2017
    We hope you will be with the Arab fans
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