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  • 姚思燕 Jul 08, 2018
    太棒啦 ♥️WE ARE ONE!!♥️
  • 章心远 Jul 05, 2018
    Yeah!keep the honor for our EXO.Forever♥️
  • Duda Nunes Jun 29, 2018
    the boys really deserve this, in fact, this and more! let's put a lot of effort now to reach the goal of visualizations with ko ko bop :)
  • victoria ripia Jun 26, 2018
    sorry but BTS have 415 million views on their vide DNA, and 188 million on FAKE LOVE, even though it's only a month old. Geez, who writes these embarassing articles. I could come up with better articiles that glorify exo. (instagram ; fairytailfankiwi )
  • dienys alim Jun 26, 2018
    Can't wait for EXO's comeback this year! EXO fighting!💪💪💪
  • Amandhi Jun 23, 2018
    EXO-L fighting 💪��💪��
  • rayane Jun 21, 2018
    I really love Exo so much that I made all of my friends fans of EXO. I know I'm stupid and mad but I'm crazy about them and for them, I spent 3 years trying to register until I succeeded today and finally.All of my friends calling me crazy exo-L because I am a biiiiiG fan of them and their attractiveness and their true smile. I wish them good luck, lasting health and the best of the best. And also a strong return to break the standard Bangtan numbers.Let's make EXO the world's legend and let them know who is the worst fandom .EXO LET'S LOVE EATCH OTHER **Exo는 서로 사랑해.**
  • 曦染 Jun 13, 2018
    나 는 영원히 그들 을 지켜보고 그들 을 지지할 것 이다
  • Nicole Jun 09, 2018
    Lets do it for KoKoBop this time! :) I slept at 3AM last Thursday just to simultaneously play all EXO MV's in all my gadgets specially Monster for its 2nd Anniversary..I did not do this just to add up views (but yeah part of it is to reach that goal) But simply because I love their music.. after watching them perform in Dubai last April i really thought I'll get over it after few days but NO! up to this day I am playing their music daily even at work (silly me) and started to love each one of them and they never cease to amaze me day by day with their individual talents. So when i decided to become an EXO-L, I promise to myself that I will support these boys as long as I can. I will stay even if i get old.. LOLS or they get old.. I am even planning to travel to Seoul late this year to visit SMTown COEX Atrium.. :) To know know them more. Thank you for the good music and talents EXO and please stay healthy, safe and happy that's our number 1 priority! :)
  • Clelia Jun 09, 2018
    Now go for Kokobop
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