[STATION] f(x) AMBERのソロ曲 「Borders」、今夜0時に音源とMVを同時公開

  2016年 03月 24日


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smtown f(x)
  • BESTflower.bio Mar 24, 2016
    We need f(x) comeback as well. MeUs need f(x) comeback. Twice not just one And please, a lot of visiting shows and radios They really have a lot of fans so I hope you'll promote them so well just like SNSD, EXO and RV PLEASE...
  • BESTA Mar 25, 2016
    Cause mom says I've been crossing borders, fight your way, fight your way~~~
  • BESTKery Apr 29, 2016
    this is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, snogs by Amber. She's just so wonderful it gives me the chills. She's a great singer, she's pretty, she's awesome!!! She's my idol I would love to be like her!!!
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